Why We Do…

At Trost Moving Pictures we believe strongly in the power of a story. Stories have been touching lives and influencing change in our world for thousands of years. It doesn’t matter what form it takes (we just happen to be partial to movies) a good story will always affect you.

But why spend our days in the pursuit of telling great stories? Simply put, we believe its our responsibility to use the gifts we’ve been given to serve and help others. We do that through stories. If we can help heal a broken relationship between a mother and her daughter through a story on forgiveness, like A Christmas Snow, we’ve succeeded. If we can help someone let go of years of bitterness and anger with a story like Find Me, mission accomplished.

While a great story is the best way to deliver the truths of a message, if all it is is an entertaining story and no one is challenged to think differently or live differently, we’re not interested. For us, it’s about more than entertainment… it’s Life!

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