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MovieMaker Magazine and Tracy J Trost

Monday, January 30th, 2012

In case you missed it, last September our very own award-winning director Tracy J Trost did an interview with MovieMaker Magazine about The Lamp. We’ve posted a section below and you can read the whole interview by clicking the link below.

Samantha Husik (MM): What inspired you to adapt Jim Stovall’s book, The Lamp, into a film? What about the book seemed particularly cinematic?

Tracy Trost (TT): When Jim shared The Lamp with me, I immediately got the concept of the book. I knew it was a story that many people could relate to and connect with. Of course with any adaptation from book to movie, there were sub-plots and supporting characters that needed to be added. I remember after I read the book, on a flight from Dallas to Hawaii, I wrote an eight-page treatment of my ideas for additions and changes to make to the story entertaining to viewers. I sent them to Jim and he loved them. We work very well together.

Read the whole interview at MovieMaker Magazine’s website.