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The Lamp – How can YOU see it?

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Last week we told you about the VOD launch and you’ve heard of Light of The Lamp… wait, what? You haven’t?!?!

Well what’s going on here? Hopefully you did hear about The Lamp VOD launch last week on services like iTunes, Amazon Instant, and many satellite and cable providers as well. You can now rent and in some cases buy a digital copy of our new inspirational family film The Lamp on these services. If you would be so kind, we will spend 15 minutes thinking happy thoughts about you if you head over to those services and rate and review the film as well. Especially iTunes and Amazon.

Now let’s  get to curing this absence of know-how about the Light of The Lamp Charity Screening program that seems to be affecting too many of our INsiders. If you click this link: you can learn all about our charity screening program that over 160 people have signed up to be a part of. In fact we have had or have scheduled almost 40 events so far. If you have a favorite charity you want to support with this program you need to sign up to become an event host. Or perhaps you just like to watch and maybe you want to help support a great charity that way… well now you can! Just click on Find a Screening and look for one in your area. It is and will always be the best deal to get The Lamp DVD, The Lamp novel, and Just Believe companion book all while supporting a great cause. With $25 going to the charity that means you are getting two tickets to the event and all three products for the other $25 – that’s more than 50% off and yes we are crazy – crazy about helping out great causes and making a difference!

So there we go, now you know about The Lamp VOD and the Light of The Lamp Charity Screening Program all in one article! This is the superhero of articles. In fact, I think I just might tag it that way, carry on citizens, carry on.

- Joe Jestus, PMD at TMP

The Lamp V to the O to the D

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011
It’s finally here, the day many of us have been waiting for… what is it again? Oh yeah, The Lamp is now available on VOD. Wait what’s VOD you’re probably thinking. It’s just what the cool kids call Video on Demand. What does this mean for you? It means you can rent or buy The Lamp in digital format on lots of different providers. From Cable and Satellite to online streaming services. Check out the whole list now at: or on our Facebook page here: The Lamp list. Be sure to “like” us if you haven’t already, that is unless you don’t like us.

Keep in mind though that the best way to get the DVD and books is still through our Light of The Lamp Charity Screening program. You can visit to find a screening in your area or host your own and raise funds using the inspirational family friendly film for your favorite charity.

- Joe Jestus, PMD at Trost Moving Pictures