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Is The Lamp in Your Queue?

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

The Lamp is officially listed on Netflix and you can rate and review it there as well as add it to your DVD Queue if you have one. In fact we could really use your help.

Netflix partly bases their order on how many people add the film into their DVD Queue, so if you want to make sure you and your friends aren’t having to wait for a few DVDs to make their rounds to all of the Netflix customers that want a copy of The Lamp, then please add it to your Queue today!

While you’re there, we would love it if you would give us great rating and review too! That way others will know why they should add the film to their Queue and make The Lamp their next family night or date night movie choice. Thanks so much for being a part of The Lamp team and letting others know about this inspirational family film.

Remember, visit Netflix right now and add The Lamp to your Queue and click the rating button under the image while you are there. Thanks again!

- Joe Jestus, PMD at TMP

Oh I almost forgot, here are some FAQs that might help you add, rate, review, and share too:

I searched “The Lamp” and I can’t find it?

Please use this link: or if you need to search on a non computer based system please search “Lamp” as it is currently named without “the”.

It says unavailable, what can I do?

More than likely you have a “Streaming Only” account with Netflix and right now it’s only available to add to a DVD Queue. But you can still help! Please rate and review it and tell all your friends to add it to their Queue. This will help us make it available on your streaming account sooner as well.

I don’t have Netflix, can I still help?

Yes you can! You can rate and review it on iTunes here: or on Amazon as a VOD here: or as a DVD here: or on Walmart as a VOD here: or a DVD here: