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Tracy vs Joe on Facebook

Friday, January 6th, 2012

As many of you know, director Tracy J Trost has a facebook page at and he curently stands at just under 300 friends who like it. Well, to start the new year and to give everyone a place to ask me questions and communicate about what’s going on at TMP Studios I now have a page too at (yep, I am).

And as I mentioned in the TMP Studios Insider, the real question is, “Who do you like more?” If you like Tracy more, then head on over to his page and “like” it and tell your friends too as well and help him reach 1,000 “likes” first. If you like me more, then head on over to my page and “like” it and tell your friends too as well and help me reach 1,000 “likes” first. (Keep in mind I always cheer for the underdog and with just 7 likes I am currently the major underdog.)

So you are probably wondering how YOU win, right? Well it’s easy, once one of us reaches 1,000 “likes” we will share a link on the winning page that will be active for 48 hours where you can download a PDF of Tracy’s book, Just Believe, which as I’m sure you all know come from our most recent film, The Lamp. So all 1,000 people who “like” me first will get a copy of Tracy’s book. (I mean all 1,000 people on the winning page. He, he…)

So there you have it! You can either “like” Tracy and take him from 300 to 1,000 fans or you can be a part of something monumental and “like” me and take me from 7 to 1,000 fans. The choice is yours and either way you win. (Although I think by liking me, you win a greater sense of accomplishment.)

Thanks for “liking” me no matter what!

Joe Jestus

PMD – TMP Studios •

P.S. – Yes, I know all of the links except one go to my page and not Tracy’s. I mean, I wrote the post and he has 288 and I’m at 7 – give a guy a break :-) Also, if you think Tracy and I should have a side contest where the loser has to do something let us know on our pages and we’ll pick the best suggestion. Now go “like” my page please. (Manners… never go out of style. – Sam in A Christmas Snow)