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2010 A Year in Review

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Tyler Roberds (Paul Jump) and Fiawna Forte (Jess Reagan) looking for a clue in our film FIND ME

What a Difference a Year Makes -

It’s amazing to look back as we come to the close of 2010. Just 12 short months ago our first feature film (and only one at that time) FIND ME was just beginning to show up sporadically in faith based bookstores around the country. We had shot it in November of 2008 in just 9 days and on a shoestring budget, it was an incredible experience and with it’s success at film festivals around the country it has proven to be a great first film for us.

The lovable Cameron ten Napel (Lucy) and Muse Watson (Sam) on the set of "A Christmas Snow"

A Christmas Snow -

This time last year we were also in the middle of casting for our second feature film, A Christmas Snow which was going to be shot in February of 2010. We had conducted an online casting call and found many great talents, in fact the part of Claude (Rich Swingle) was cast through our online casting call, and he has proved to be a great benefit in getting the word out about the film. We were also honored to have Muse Watson (NCIS), Catherine Mary Stewart (Weekend at Bernie’s), Anthony Tyler Quinn (Boy Meets World), and Cameron ten Napel (Barney and Friends) join the picture as well.

We had 18 days to shoot A Christmas Snow and although the budget was much bigger for us, in terms of Hollywood films and other Indie features we were still shooting with a micro budget. The cast and crew were great and the film has performed well at festivals and has enjoyed exposure at more than 200 screenings around the country, as well as both national and international TV airings. Our distributor, Destiny Image Films helped make it one of the best selling Christmas movies at numerous national chains. It was exciting to hear from our more than 5,000 fans on facebook that A Christmas Snow had become their new Christmas tradition and we are eternally grateful for that as well as the numerous emails and messages we have received from those whose lives have been forever changed from this powerful story of forgiveness and reconciliation. That is always our true measure of success.

The A Christmas Snow project also market award winning writer/director Tracy J Trost’s first foray into the world of authorship with his first book Restored – 11 Gifts for a Complete Life and it’s written as Sam’s Journal and follows him from a year before the star of A Christmas Snow all the way through the film. If you haven’t read it yet, you’ll want to head to your nearest bookstore and ask for it. Those who have read it after watching the film have become huge fans.

We also released a Soundtrack that contained songs from the film, songs inspired by the film, and remixed Christmas classics. Produced by Bryan Popin of Little Boy Wonder Music in Nashville and boasting such artists as Chris Kirkpatrick (NSYNC), Martha Munizzi (Top Billboard Artist), Kelly Morrison (wrote & sang the song Legacy for The Ultimate Gift) Erica Lane, and up and comers: Jason Eustice, Casii Stephan, & Alicia Larson the album is a wonderful collection that will be cherished for years to come.

Raw Talent Screenplay Contest -

After filming A Christmas Snow and while we got it ready for the retail market, we held a contest for screenwriters called the Raw Talent Screenplay Contest and we awarded a $10,000 prize to Jason Parker for his original script, Matter of Life. If you haven’t seen the video where director Tracy J Trost and myself let Jason know he won you still can at: it’s so fun to see and many have told us it brought a tear to their eye.

Writer/Director Tracy J Trost (middle) with Oscar winner Louis Gossett Jr and Tony winner L Scott Caldwell on the set of "The Lamp"

The Lamp -

Then after the Raw Talent Screenplay Contest writer/director Tracy J Trost went to work on our third feature film The Lamp. Tracy started with the premise from best-selling author Jim Stovall’s book by the same name and wrote a moving tale of love and overcoming loss that is shaping up to be our best film yet. As with A Christmas Snow, Jim Stovall will be writing a novel based on the story in the film and Tracy will be writing a companion book, this time called Just Believe…

All of us at Trost Moving Pictures and the Narrative Television Network are excited at the opportunities The Lamp is bringing to affect others, touch lives, and help charities and organizations as well. Touching on the subjects of losing a child, foster care, adoption, and canine therapy and starring Jason London, Meredith Salenger, L Scott Caldwell, Sarah Brown, Cameron ten Napel, Muse Watson, and Louis Gossett Jr its shaping up to be a powerful story that will affect lives for years to come.

The Best is Yet to Come -

As you can see it’s been a busy year and 2011 is looking to be just as busy with many exciting projects in the works for Trost Moving Pictures and our good friends at the Narrative Television Network and Destiny Image Films. There are two projects in particular that I am extremely excited about, but that’s a story for another day. Thank you so much for your support in 2010 and we hope to continue to be your source for great family friendly stories and projects in 2011. Without the support of friends, family, and fans like you this is all possible.

With Great Hope for 2011,

Joe Jestus

TMP – Producer of Marketing & Distribution