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Astounding Reviews

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

We have received some great reviews from you, our supporters and loyal fans, on the various sites where The Lamp is being sold. Thank you so much for the overwhelming support. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to send to your loved ones, and to purchase The Lamp.

“We as a family chose to give up cable a few years ago… and therefore we choose to only watch clean family movies that Glorify God… and this movie is just that… it is a great movie and my entire family loved it- hubby isn’t easy to please but this one was one he really enjoyed too and so did my two girls… I recommend it one hundred percent!” – Amazon Customer

“Beautiful story of hope and overcoming struggles in life. Definitely recommend it to watch with your family or someone you love.” – Amazon Customer

“It was very moving. I would definitely recommend it for families of all shapes and sizes, especially those who have been involved in fostering or adoption.” – Amazon Customer

“Wonderful, touching film. Great moments of humor and made me cry in places too. Excellent all round cast. Will definitely be a keeper and will watch this over and over.”  – Amazon Customer

Here are just a few opinions on The Lamp to read more and or purchase The Lamp click here.

Be Glad,

Erin Powell, TMP Studios

David Campbell – Set Production Supervisor

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Nail by nail, staple by staple, things are beginning to come together quite nicely. I spoke with our Set Production Supervisor today and I have some updates on how things are coming along.

Dave Campbell, our Set Production Supervisor, has a lot on his plate. He is busy making sure that the set pieces are built just right. There are so many specifications that must be met in order to make the logistics run correctly. He is estimating that when things are all said and done there will be over 20 different set pieces. Some will have to be flown in and out with a make-shift fly rig. He says the thing he is looking forward to the most is the challenge of storage. During scenes where there are only 2 or 3 set pieces on stage, all the rest of the 17 – 20 pieces are in the wings. The crew and actors will have have a fun time dancing around each other. He says the circus will be in full swing, but it will be a fun challenge.

Dave has had the privilege of working with Tracy and Jason to come up with, what to keep from the movie and what isn’t needed. There are a few surprises that he is very excited about, but doesn’t want to spoil the experience. So with 2 more weeks of building in Tulsa, they are hard at work. Dave and his team will head to Branson for the final fittings and melding of the minds to make ACS Live a reality!

- Erin Powell, Trost Moving Pictures

P.S. – Get your tickets for ACS Live! here today and kids can come free with a paid adult!!!

Casting Begins for The Lamp

Thursday, August 19th, 2010


August 17, 2010

Contact: Rhonda Boudreaux

Award- Winning Director Tracy J Trost and Trost Moving Pictures Announce
Casting To Begin For Next Feature Film THE LAMP

Tulsa, OK – After several weeks on the road promoting the release of  A Christmas Snow to DVD on October 8, director Tracy J Trost is ready to get cameras rolling again on his next feature film, The Lamp.  Moving into the first phase, Trost will soon commence the search for starring and supporting roles for The Lamp, scheduled to shoot in October in Tulsa, OK. Trost is teaming up with Narrative Television Network Founder and author Jim Stovall (The Ultimate Gift) to produce The Lamp.   Trost wrote the script after Stovall penned a riveting dramatic storyline. For anyone who has lost a loved one and questions your own worth, The Lamp teaches us what love and family truly are.

Trost announced today he has signed casting director Amber Horn  and Danielle Aufiero C.S.A to get casting underway. Horn and Aufiero have worked in film and television production and casting for over a decade. More casting news will be revealed in the coming weeks including breakdowns and audition information.

Also, in early talks are acclaimed actor Muse Watson and new comer Cameron ten Napel.  Both have starring roles in A Christmas Snow.

“When Jim Stovall gave me the book to read I knew this story needed to be told.  There are certain issues that we can all relate to in life,” says Trost. “The Lamp covers one of them that will move and inspire it’s audience.  It is stories like this that keep my love of movie making alive.”

About Narrative Television Network:

Narrative Television Network makes television, home videos, and movies accessible to blind and visually impaired people and their families by unobtrusively adding the voice of a narrator to the existing programming sound track, without interfering with any of the original audio or video. This programming is also available worldwide on the Internet via their web site at The programming is available free-of-charge, 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week.

For more information on Jim Stovall – and Narrative Television Network

About Trost Moving Pictures:
Trost Moving Pictures is an independent film studio based in Tulsa, OK that is making waves in the entertainment arena. Their first film Find Me, is available now and is based on the sport of geo caching. It follows two college students who get caught up in a deadly game involving the kidnapping of a Senator’s son and has been awarded both Best Feature and Best Actor at multiple film festivals. TMP’s second film, A Christmas Snow is set to be released nationwide in October 8, 2010.

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Contact: Rhonda Boudreaux
Trost Moving Pictures