The Story

Each week, Tracy has a book meeting with his employees where they go through a chapter of a book and look at how they can use the lessons in the book to become better at what they do at the company and in their lives. One week, Tracy asked his employees, “If money wasn’t an object and you couldn’t fail, what would you do?” As he went around the room, each employee shared their dream for their life with everyone. After they shared their dream, Tracy then asked them the following question, “What are you doing on a daily basis to make that happen?”

He went on to explain, that in order to take a trip there are certain steps we all have to take. If you want to somewhere you need to get plane tickets, book a hotel, get a rental car, pack your things, and a number of other small steps that will make your trip not only possible but successful. Tracy told his employees that the same is true in life and unfortunately most people spend more time planning a weekend getaway then they do their lives.

After he finished, one of Tracy’s employees, asked him what it was that he has always wanted to do. Tracy quickly replied that he had always wanted to be a director. As long as he could remember, he has always wanted to direct movies. Then the employee asked him what he was doing on a daily basis to get there. He fired her. No not really, but that “dare” is what it took for Tracy to follow his own dreams and Trost Moving Pictures is the result of it and all of us at TMP Studios couldn’t be happier that he took it.

The Company

Trost Moving Pictures is an independent film studio based in Tulsa, OK that has been making waves in the entertainment arena. Our first multi-award winning film Find Me, has been awarded both Best Feature and Best Actor at multiple film festivals. Like us on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/FindMeTheMovie

Our second inspiring movie, A Christmas Snow was released nationwide in October 2010 through Destiny Image Films and stars, Catherine Mary Stewart (The Last Starfighter), Muse Watson (Prison Break, NCIS), Anthony Tyler Quinn (No Greater Love, Boy Meets World), and Cameron ten Napel (Super, Pink). It has been flying off store shelves, selling out on Amazon.com twice, and hitting #3 on some lists even before the Christmas season. Like us on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/aChristmasSnow

Our third family friendly movie, The Lamp (based on a book by best-selling author Jim Stovall) is now on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video and other Video on Demand sites. The Lamp stars Jason London (Man in the Moon), Meredith Salenger (Journey of Natty Gann), L Scott Caldwell (Lost), Sarah Brown (Big Momma’s House 2), Cameron ten Napel (A Christmas Snow), with Muse Watson (NCIS), and Louis Gossett Jr (Officer and a Gentleman). Like us on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/TheLampMovie

Our second film A Christmas Snow is also a live Christmas play in Branson, Missouri. www.facebook.com/aChristmasSnowLive

Making movies is what we do, but making a difference is what we love!

Tracy J Trost of Trost Moving Pictures

Tracy J Trost

Founder/President/Director/Husband & Father (the important stuff)

Award-winning director and visionary Tracy J Trost’s filmmaking technique has rendered him one of the most recognizable independent filmmakers in the industry. The first two films that he co-wrote and directed, Find Me and A Christmas Snow, have won numerous awards including Best Feature, Best Actor, and Best of Festival and have created a wave of audience appreciation and critical acclaim. His follow-up to these instant classics, The Lamp starring Academy Award-winning actor Louis Gossett Jr, is another masterpiece that highlights his artistic talent and richly-detailed storytelling. He is quickly building the success of his studio Trost Moving Pictures and his career in the director’s chair.

In addition to filmmaking, Trost has become an established and well-respected author with his second book, Just Believe: 10 Principles of the Message, being released nationwide alongside his film The Lamp in 2011. Just Believe is a companion book to the film and follows the story of the main character Stanley Walters. His first book, Restored: 11 Gifts for a Complete Life, was released nationally in October 2010 and was written as one of the main character’s (Sam’s) journal from his second film, A Christmas Snow.

Trost brings more than 20 years of award-winning television production experience to Trost Moving Pictures that has taken him coast to coast and around the globe. He has directed and produced live events that have been broadcast internationally to more than 200 countries and been attended by hundreds of thousands of people. In November of 2011 he brought his first theatrical play to the stage in Branson, Missouri.

Through his films, books, shows, and speaking engagements, Tracy desires to inspire people to follow their dreams and take actionable steps to make them a reality.

You can contact Tracy on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/DirectorTracyJTrost or on Twitter at: twitter.com/TracyJTrost

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