Live Events

From arenas in Central America filled with 100,000 people, to stadiums in North America filled with 15,000 screaming teens, or a ballroom at a 5 star hotel on a Hawaiian island – when it comes to Live Events, we’ve done it all.

Live Events and especially live TV is a completely unique experience and you want to make sure that the production team helping to make your event a success has experience dealing with all of the nuances of it. But more than just experience we bring our overarching philosophy of business with us to every project, the belief that everyone should be treated with respect and everyone should be enjoying themselves while they work make events that we produce some of the best places to work.

If you’re looking for an experienced team that you’ll want to work with again and again, contact us using our Contact Form and let’s see if a relationship with Trost Moving Pictures is right for your next event.

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