Find Me

What started as a game… became the only way to save a man’s life.

On what should be a day of celebration, a senator is faced with the kidnapping and possible death of his son. Given only one alternative, he must decide between his son’s life and what he believes is best for his country…

Meanwhile, three college students stumble upon a geocaching clue that may lead them to the senator’s son. Will they figure it out in time or will they become the kidnapper’s next victim?

Shot in 9 days in November of 2008 on a shoestring budget, Find Me quickly won the praise of reviewers, fans, and festivals. Having won Best Feature at multiple festivals and a Best Actor as well, Find Me was our first feature film and has been inspiring audiences everywhere.

Written and Directed by Tracy J Trost (A Christmas Snow, The Lamp) , Find Me follows two young college students who get caught up in a kidnapper’s deadly game while they are out geocaching. With a faith based family friendly message of hope and forgiveness, Find Me received the Dove Foundation’s Seal of Approval for ages 12+

You can find out more about Find Me on here: Find Me Website or on Facebook here: FB Page

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